The Overgaard Lab


Our research examines how animals have adapted to handle variability and extremes in environmental factors such as temperature, and water- and food availability. Thus, research in the ecophys-lab concerns the interplay between physiological mechanisms and their ecological consequences for animals which we often measure in the form of energy and water balance, mortality, activity or distribution pattern.


Current research topics include:

Insect Chill Tolerance: Physiological mechanisms underlying chill tolerance of insects. How is chill tolerance linked to the preservation of ion homeostasis and neuro-muscular excitability.

Thermal tolerance and aerobic scope: Does cardiac capacity of fish and amphibians determine upper thermal tolerance and how are thermal limits affected by other factors such as hypoxia and digestion

Overheated or dried out: What determines the upper thermal tolerance of small insects water loss, temperature or energy balance?

Adaptations to feast and famine: How is energy and water balance maintained in gorge feeding ectothermic animals and how does energetic status and digestion interact with behavioural responses such as spontaneous activity and preferred body temperature.